Our Vendors

Allie’s Pies

Freshly made pies

Angelic Beef

Grass-fed Piedmontese Beef

Locally raised and processed, grass-fed Piedmontese beef—naturally low in fat and calories. From Fauquier County, Virginia comes hormone-free, additive-free, naturally tender and flavorful beef.

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Arno’s French Pastries

Fresh French Pastry

After 17 years as executive pastry chef at the French Embassy, Chef Arnaud is now on a mission to take your taste buds on a culinary adventure. From chocolate eclairs to fruit tarts, from crepe cakes to cream puffs, his pastries are not to be missed.

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Granola, Snack Bars, Energy Bars

Hand-crafted, all natural granola products inspired by family and culture. Be sure to try the savory flavors, too!

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Borekg Fruit Drinks

Freshly made juices

Celtic Pasties


Welsh expat Nyall Meredith brings you this increasingly popular traditional British dish. A delicious pastry envelope with a savoury filling — a meal in itself.

Chester Hess’ Farm and Orchard

Fruits, Vegetables

This third-generation grower brings his quality peaches, apples, small fruits, and vegetables fresh to us from Martinsburg, W.V.

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Conecopia Gelato


Artisan gelato made with locally-sourced milk and locally-sourced berries in season. Conecopia brings in a cornucopia of fruits to ensure their gelato is abundantly flavorful.

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Fabbioli Cellars


Award-winning wines from a family owned and operated vineyard and winery in Loudon County, VA.

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Fossil Rock Farm

Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, Herbs

Baron and Mike come to us from the Shenandoah Valley with sustainably grown fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs, a professional commitment, and lots of energy and fun!

Heritage Kettle Corn

Kettle Corn

Holly Brook Farm Meats and Eggs

Grass-fed and Pasture-raised Meats, Free-range Eggs

Holly Brook Farm raises and sells grass-fed and finished lamb, grass-fed and finished beef, milk-fed veal, pastured pork, pasture-raised chickens, and free-range eggs.

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HoneyCakes Desserts

Cheesecake, mousse, ice cream, desserts

Hudson’s Sauce

Barbecue Marinades

Hudson’s Sauce makes all natural, low-sodium barbecue marinades from locally sourced ingredients. The flavor is so delicious it can make any cook a gourmet chef!

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Ignacio’s Produce

Fruits, Vegetables

Picked the day you eat it, fresh from the farm in the Northern Neck, a wide variety of Virginia-grown produce.

Kingdom Gourmet Foods

Peanut Brittle, Almond Brittle, Cashew Brittle, Coconut Flaxseed Cookies, and Coconut Oatmeal Cookies

The mission of Kingdom Gourmet Foods is to preserve Mama’s Legacy of producing great-tasting wholesome foods using all natural ingredients, with no added colors, no preservatives, and no artificial flavors. Our family recipes have been developed to perfection over the years to create African soups, stews, specialty breads, cookies, and sweet treats that are uniquely delicious, and will please everyone’s palate.

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Kneaded Nourishment Bakery


Joanna and Janelle offer hearty and delicious whole wheat bread products. They use all freshly-ground flour, mostly organic ingredients, and bake with a process that makes the abundant nutrients of the ingredients easily absorbable.

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Kustom Coffee


Kustomcoffee is a small artisan coffee roastery based in Oakton, Virginia. We roast very small batches of ethically sourced, premium, specialty coffee beans. Each batch is handcrafted and unique, without reliance on computerized roast profiling.

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Liberty Farms of Virginia

Eggs (Chicken, Turkey, Duck, Quail & Goose), Poultry

Liberty Farms of VA is family owned and run. We offer eggs from chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese who enjoy having the run of our farm. Try our signature dozen, Tur-duc-en doz, which includes 4 turkey, 4 duck, and 4 chicken eggs.

(more about Liberty Farms of Virginia...)

Linda Vista Farm

Fruits, Vegetables

Farm fresh produce locally grown in Virginia. This family owned business brings a large variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables to the market each week.

Loice Mae’s Kitchen

Vegetable Smoothies

Loice Mae’s Kitchen is named in honor of my mother. The purpose of the company is to increase the daily intake of green leafy vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and kale. Loice Mae’s Kitchen makes several vegetable smoothies that taste delicious and make your colon smile. One of the blends, 2UNSWEET, is diabetic friendly even though none of the drinks contain any added sugar.

Lund’s Sustainable Produce

Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, Herbs

How does an octogenarian stay young? Ask Pete Lund, delivering farm-fresh produce, flowers, and herbs from southern Maryland each week. Be sure to check out his lovely heirloom tomatoes.

(more about Lund’s Sustainable Produce...)

Metropolitan Baking Company

Breads and baked goods

MTO Kombucha


Om Lassi

Nut butters and smoothies
(more about Om Lassi...)

Phil’s Dills


Killer pickles – traditional and spicy, sweet and sour – you name it, you’ll like them.

Real Country Sausage

Country Sausage, Hand-tied Links, Breakfast Links

Located in the heart of Southside Virginia, Dockery Branch Farms produces homemade pork country sausage using their family’s 100-year-old recipe. Also available are homemade and hand-tied links, breakfast links, and frozen patties. No preservatives, no fillers, just farm fresh country sausage from their family to yours.

Shamali Hummus

Hummus - Homemade and Fresh

Side Street Catering

Healthy pre-made meals and desserts

Simply Joe’s

Hand Crafted Salsas

Our salsa is hand crafted from only six simple, all natural ingredients. Our core belief is that simple is better and flavor trumps all. Simply Joe’s is a Veteran owned local business based in Springfield, Virginia.

Sweet Craft Candy Company


At Sweet Craft Candy Company we take great pride in making delicious homemade candy. We use only the freshest ingredients. Our sweets are handcrafted in small batches to assure flavorful quality candy with no artificial color, emulsifiers, or preservatives.

Sweet Nuna

Middle Eastern Foods - Hummus and Baklava

Sweet on the Bubbly

Jams made with fruit, wine, and hard liquor

Sweet On The Bubbly makes fresh jams, pairing fruits with premium wines and hard liquors. The result is a bold and elegant flavor profile and texture that can be used for more than just breakfast.

(more about Sweet on the Bubbly...)

Sweet Reactions Baking Company

Baked good, strudel, tarts, cupcakes, petit fours

Towers Bakery

Bolivian Baked Goods

Tyson Farms and Orchards

Fruits, Vegetables

From the sun-drenched hillsides of West Virginia, the Tyson family brings bursting-with-flavor small fruits, tree fruits, tomatoes, and seasonal vegetables.

(more about Tyson Farms and Orchards...)

Uncle Fred’s BBQ Smoke Shack

Prepared BBQ Foods

Lip-smackin’, finger-lickin’ good! Smoked low and slow on hickory with Uncle Fred’s own dry rubs.

Warhorse BBQ

Barbeque meats

Windmill Meadows

Organic Dairy

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