Holly Brook Farm Meats and Eggs

Grass-fed and Pasture-raised Meats, Free-range Eggs

Mike Burner and his wife, Laurel, have been farming their whole lives. They were both raised on dairy farms, and after working a vegetable farm together, they turned to farming meats. It’s been three years since they began raising grass-fed and pasture-raised livestock, and Mike couldn’t be happier.

From the middle of a cow field on the farm in Berryville, VA he said, “Every day is wonderful. Not everyone can say that they love what they do, but I can.”

Holly Brook Farm raises and sells grass-fed and finished lamb, grass-fed and finished beef, milk-fed veal, pastured pork, pasture-raised chickens, and free-range eggs. When feed is used, it is soy-free and non-GMO feed.

In addition to farming, Mike enjoys coming to the markets and talking to customers. So be sure to say “Hey,” when you stop by to pick up your grass-fed beef or free-range eggs.

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