Conecopia Gelato


Based in Franconia, VA, this family-owned operation makes artisan gelato using only the freshest, natural ingredients. You’ll find no corn syrup or artificial preservatives in this Italian-style ice cream made from locally-sourced milk. What you will find is less butterfat than typical ice cream, and much more flavor.

“I’d been making ice cream on my own for twenty years,” says Tony DeSante, just after finishing a batch of gelato. Then in 1997 while traveling in Italy he discovered gelato. “I was inspired.”

In the years that followed he took a class in gelato-making and bought a Carpigiani—a special machine, imported from Italy, used to make gelato. His focus is on amping up the flavors of his gelato, and he uses locally-sourced fruits and berries in season when possible.

“The name sums it up,” Tony says. Conecopia brings in a cornucopia of fruits and produce to ensure their gelato is abundantly flavorful. So the next time you’re at the market, be sure to get your gelato. The hazelnut and pistachio are wildly popular. Tony’s favorite? “The mixed berry. It’s full of fresh raspberries and blackberries.”

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