Who Is Uncle Roger?

Uncle Roger sells his delicious baked goods at our Oakton and Bristow markets. Here’s a little more about him, straight from the baker’s mouth.

Uncle Roger’s is a home-grown baker who produces breads, sweet breads, and cookies that are regular and gluten-free. His gluten-free sweet breads are also sugar-free, as agave is used as a sweetener. The gluten-free brownies/blondies, sweet bread, and cookies are egg-free, as ground flaxseed is used as an egg replacement. A soy-based chocolate chip is used when called for, as it is lactose-free. The gluten-free bread is as light as regular bread. He has been asked with so much of the good stuff not in it, why does it taste so good? The texture and flavor are so good, it is hard to believe that it is gluten-free. Just be careful with the cookies, as they are in a Ziplock bag, and he does not guarantee they will make it out of the parking lot. Uncle Roger will have a wide assortment this week. Some new cookies are chocolate, banana nut, sugar, and molasses.