Weekly Newsletter: Videos to Wake You Up


Dear Shopper,

I am turning over my soapbox today to two stars in the “Do Something About It” firmament, both of whom are doing something about it themselves and exhorting others to join in.

I have to admit I love Jamie Oliver and think that his cooking series Jamie at Home is second only to Julia Child’s original series in its ability to inspire and instruct. And I admire Joel Salatin for not only walking the walk but leaving that to talk the talk all over the country — especially in our area.

Here is a video of Salatin just talking extemporaneously for five minutes — and telling us some things we need to know. And if you get that and want to hear and see more in much more colorful and creative language, please watch Jamie’s speech at the TED awards ceremony last year.

These guys are asking us to Do Something, however small, to improve our food choices. And you know that there are things that each one of us can do in our own homes to make a difference in what we eat, what our families and friends eat, and, more importantly in the long run, what we buy from corporate America. Until the demand changes, that supply of food that is making us all sick is going to be there sitting on the shelves and in the refrigerated sections of every grocery store in this country. Even Whole Foods can’t get away from “organics” grown in China and South America and other foods that contribute nothing to our health — which makes me ask, are they even food?

But let the inspired experts speak to you today — take a few minutes and then share them with someone you love.

See you at the market!

Photo by really short