Weekly Newsletter: Some Weekend Reading

Dear Shoppers,

I am letting you off my hook this week and throwing you at those being dangled by other really good and very famous authors and activists who are churning out books and articles and providing opportunities for all of us to better understand what we are eating and how it affects our health. This is the season of the year in this area when we can fully satisfy all of our nutritional needs by eating locally and when we have a wide array of fruits to satisfy our sweet teeth. It is so easy to step up, eat right and lose weight without really sacrificing anything but the stuff we shouldn’t be eating in the first place.

So I am providing here today a list of really good links — all of which will get you thinking and moving and making changes. And I say that because I know you are interested and intrigued and looking for answers because you shop at farmers’ markets already. Maybe this year we can all step up that commitment to help us focus even more acutely on eating real food and eating well.

Check out these links and let me know how we can help you step up your efforts. That’s what we are here for.

Have a lovely weekend and/or a Happy Easter! See you at the market!