Weekly Newsletter: Discover Sorrel

Dear Shopper,

I feel I need to be inspiring you to come see all the lovely spring veggies and fruits. I know it is hard to imagine that there could be enough worthy ingredients at the market right now, but there really is an abundance of produce already, even if most of it is green. Thank goodness for the strawberries!

Even if you have not had the pleasure of seeing Annie Sidley’s cooking sessions at our markets, you can probably appreciate the menu she sent me for this session at our Reston market this Wednesday, and the list of ingredients she proposes to use. Annie asks first what we hope to have and then develops her menu. Sometimes she improvises if she gets to the market and finds something we did not expect to have.

That’s both the challenge and the fun of shopping at the market — there is always something new sitting there in all its just-picked sassiness daring you to create something spectacular to show off its superior taste and freshness. At some of our markets this week we will have sorrel, a wonderful green light in color, texture, and substance but heavy on nutrients, flavor, and aroma.

You can eat it raw in any salad, but especially one with fennel and citrus, or nuts and strawberries, and cheese would be a nice addition too. Or you can make a lovely cream of sorrel soup, or a lighter spring vegetable broth with the sorrel swirled in at the end. One thing you do not want to do is overcook it, and that doesn’t take very long to do. Read this for more information about cooking with sorrel.

I just learned a little while ago that we would have some today, and I will do some research to find some recipes, or I will create a few of my own. But you can do that too — both the research and the creation — and you will love what you make even more if you are enjoying it with the confidence that comes with making it all by yourself. Just ask your children if you have forgotten the feeling!

While you are working on that, always check our website for recipes, and remember that if you have a smartphone, you can check out our recipes anywhere, even while shopping.

See you at the market!