Weekly Newsletter: Around the Horn of Plenty

Dear Shoppers,

I realize, of course, that this newsletter goes out to all of our shoppers, who do not usually have an opportunity to experience the wonders of all of our vendors. But since many of our vendors who now do other markets — our own and others in the area — will be coming to join one or more of our year-round markets, I am going to update you on some of them and what they will be bringing throughout the winter months.

First I will remind you that our winter markets are somewhat fluid at this time. Sites and times may change, so please check our website for the latest information about the activities of Smart Markets and the vendors who make up the individual markets. Also be sure to sign up for any newsletters about the markets that interest you, and if you don’t already, “like” our markets on Facebook (search “Smart Markets” or find the links here) and, if you use Twitter, follow our feed for the latest updates about openings, closings and moves.

And may I remind you that many of the recipes you have seen or sampled at the market are on the website as are old newsletters and rants about issues near and dear to all of us. We also provide links to many of the vendors’ own websites, and for those who do not have one, we include pertinent information about them too. For instance, Uncle Fred’s price list and contact information are on our site, and you can also learn everything you need to know about ordering turkeys from Heritage Farm and Kitchen there too.

Fruits and Vegetables

Tyson Farms, Chester Hess, Heritage Farm Co-op, Mike Burner, Rob Moutoux, LMS, and Santa Cruz Produce will all continue with us into the winter as long as their products hold out. Tyson and Hess will bring apples into next year as well as some winter vegetables that they can pick and hold in cold storage.

Heritage Farm will continue with winter vegetables almost through to next spring — watch for the Brussels sprouts on the stem and wonderful carrots to join the other root vegetables soon.

Mike is joining forces with another sustainable farm in Clark County and will soon join us at Mason, and Rob Moutoux will continue to come to Oakton with lamb even after the veggies freeze over. Both of these guys have some winter greens and other veggies that will continue to be available at least through Thanksgiving — ask them about their winter gardens.

And LMS and Santa Cruz (who may also join us at another market once the Reston market closes) will be picking even the summer veggies until the first hard frost, which may not come till mid-November in the Northern Neck.

Meat, Dairy and Eggs

Doug Linton will bring his Angelic Beef to Fairfax Corner and George Mason University in November. And we will teach you all you need to know about cooking up those great winter comfort foods with his roasts.

Meg and Andrew with Croftburn Farms will be at Gainesville and Fairfax Corner with their exclusively grass-fed beef and other meats, and Walnut Hill will continue to sell at the Gainesville market.

Heritage Farm will bring their pork, lamb, rabbit and fresh chicken to Oakton, and Jacob Horst will bring his fabulous meat selection, including humanely-raised veal, to Fairfax Corner and Mason.

And how could I forget our premiere sausage vendor, Simply Sausage, who will also join us at several of our winter markets. Oops — I almost forgot Twin Feathers who bring emu meat and emu oil products to the Gainesville market. What a treasure for the adventurous palate!

Heritage Farm and Jacob Horst are your winter sources for those great Trickling Springs milk products, yogurt and cheeses, and at Gainesville, Holy Cow is your dairy source. All three of these vendors will bring fresh eggs all winter, as will Mike Burner, Meg Croftburn and Laura Davimes of Herbal Avenues.


For your daily bread, we will host Bonjour La Parisienne at Oakton and Gainesville, and maybe at Fairfax Corner (watch this space), and Great Harvest will continue to sell at Fairfax Corner and George Mason. And if you are still missing Abbey Whetzel’s breads, you can find them all winter at the Mason campus market — her Dad comes to sell for her there.

Our wonderful at-home bakers of great products for your home include Uncle Roger, who is always working on something new, including his line of gluten-free products. And at Gainesville we have Mountain Top Cookies which are all unique and out-of-this-world at the same time! Watch this space again for new bakers coming in over the winter months.

Value-Added Products

Glorious pasta from Cavanna Pasta — we just had the pansotti with Daddy’s Famous Spaghetti Sauce, which is so quick and easy for cool-night dinners. Make a party out of Mabelle-Dalmasso’s authentic Argentine treats such as empanadas, sausages and pastries. And of course Dilek can fix you up too with party foods for all taste buds.

Looking for something to spice up your next gathering? Tommy V’s Salsa will join us at our winter markets soon, and PK will be hanging around all winter too — maybe even at Oakton.

Last but not least is Christopher Carey of Harvest Market DC, our very own resident chef bringing highly praised products from the kitchen of a true perfectionist; great food from a variety of cuisines.


SweetBite Creamery brings over-the-top ice cream sandwiches — I can’t say it much better than that. Micha’s Sorbets will be around for a while yet, then heading to Florida. Let Micha know what you think about that.


We will continue to feature Virginia wines at all of our winter markets. Come sample and buy from Fabbioli and Loudoun Valley on alternating weeks, except at Gainesville where Loudoun Valley graces us every week.


That would be Uncle Fred and his Smoke Shack BBQ — the best of everything he brings even when he is fiddling with the recipes; it is all great!


Llama wool, watermelon rind pickle, several honey varieties — all local for those who have allergies. Also jams and jellies, Pennsylvania maple syrup, and sauerkraut! I probably forgot something, but consider it your challenge of the week to catch what I missed.

Thank you all for your patronage all summer — we have had a great season. Please come visit us over the winter and warm our hearts. Everything else will be pretty cold!

See you at the market!