Watch “The Story of Solutions”

I am not writing about candy this week, though it would be a good week to rail against our overconsumption of sugar. A Washington Post article about the weight issues of the new middle class in Mexico that can now afford to drink and eat sugar in even higher quantities than we do in the U.S. did come up with a great line about us overeaters in the U.S., calling us “lumpen gringos.” I was tempted to take that little phrase and fly with it, but it is perfect just as it is.

What I am doing today is encouraging you to watch [a 10-minute video]( from the people who have put together a project called The Story of Stuff. I don’t like watching videos on the computer; it’s hard to get past the feeling that I have better uses for my time. But this one – along with my favorite, [Jamie Oliver’s TED award acceptance speech]( – is good because it is inspiring. And we could all use a little inspiration.

The Story of Solutions is the title of this video, and it is marvelously mind-bending and provocative without being complicated or difficult to grasp. The basic premise is that we need to begin to look for solutions that change the game – the game that seems to promote more as the goal. The video encourages us to look at new goals as well as new methods of reaching those goals.

What if the goal were better rather than more? How could that change how we solve the process of getting there? When considering the problem of accumulating plastic waste, we are encouraged to think more about preventing it instead of just figuring out how to dispose of it. And my favorite part is the ultimate and underlying goal of building a society that works together to solve these problems. This is how we ultimately build the power to change the game, and everyone can participate in this endeavor.

Watch it – you will be glad you did.