This Week’s Newsletter: Update on Legislation

Dear Shoppers,

I am sitting here in what will soon be a dark room writing this out by hand so I can dictate it over the phone to my son who will send it on to you. Needless to say, I’ve lost the lights of my life.

Thank goodness for my market camp stove; I will be able to heat up something from the larder for lunch. Actually, more like something in the fridge that must be eaten ASAP. And thank goodness for the wood stove; we are cool but not cold, and bright sun is doing a good job of warming the south side of the house. We live in a small, well-constructed home that was built in 1959 by an early proponent of passive solar energy. The position of the house itself, its window placements and the landscaping all work together to enable the sun to heat the house in the winter and to shade the house in the summer. A great idea that seemed to take a while to catch on.

For those of you who have followed the bill we proposed for introduction in the Virginia General Assembly, here’s an update. Thanks to a truly dedicated and energetic effort by delegate Kaye Kory, an agreement has been reached with the Virginia Department of General Services to incorporate changes in the procurement system for Virginia schools and possibly other public entities to facilitate the purchase of produce directly from local farmers. I was invited to attend the meeting yesterday where this was accomplished, but the snow kept me home, and the lack of power has left me without details for the moment. But there will be a press conference soon to announce those details, and we will make sure you know where to view it or read about it.

At our markets this week, Uncle Fred hopes to dig out his smoker in time to come to both markets. As of now, he is certain of making it to Gainesville and a little less certain about Oakton. He is accepting orders for Super Bowl weekend.

See you at the markets!