Pledge Your Support for Smart Markets

ILMFM-Pledge-Button.pngI Love My Farmers Market Celebration™ marks the fifth year American Farmland Trust has hosted a summer-long event in honor of the nation’s farmers markets. Previously called America’s Favorite Farmers Markets™, this year instead of voting for your favorite market, participants are pledging to spend dollars at Smart Markets.

The pledging process is easy. Simply look up Smart Markets at, and select one of our markets to make your pledge.

Once you have pledged to support farmers at our markets, you will get a free No Farms No Food® bumper sticker from American Farmland Trust.

I Love My Farmers Market Celebration™ aims to secure $1 million dollars in pledges supporting family farmers and farmers’ markets by the end of the summer. The celebration is part of the American Farmland Trust’s No Farms No Food® Campaign. Since its founding in 1980, AFT has helped save more than 5 million of acres of farmland. Thank you for considering this pledge to support the farmers who bring their local produce, meats and dairy to our guaranteed producer-only local market.

This event is an attempt to raise public awareness of the importance of showing support for small farmers by buying their products. But throughout the year, the American Farmland Trust educates and informs farmers’ market managers about the issues that affect the ability of the small farmer to survive. We participate in numerous activities to represent our farmers and shoppers throughout the year. This is an uphill battle against the continued use of your tax dollars (without a pledge) to support very large and certainly non-local commercial farmers who do not care what they add to your broccoli to keep it looking fresh over 3,000 miles and many weeks in transit, or what they have to feed their chickens to make them grow like weeds.

The average size of a farm in Virginia is 40 acres, so making an impact in this state can affect more small farmers than in most other states in the Union.

Remember, No Farms No Food. But even more importantly, No Small Farms, No Unadulterated Food!