Our new vendors are bringing sausage, goat cheese and more

We’ve welcomed new vendors to some of our markets–Cherry Glen Goat Cheese has joined us at both Oakton and Gainesville. We’ve assigned them a spot next to Loudoun Valley Vineyards so you can get the full benefit of a sampling. And I am sure that our French bakery will contribute a baguette or two. Check out Cherry Glen’s website–read it and drool!

Lothar’s Gourmet Sausages has also joined us at Gainesville. Please welcome him with open arms–he will give you a big hug in return. Lothar and June are such fun and really get “the spirit of the market” that I have worked so hard to promote.

Lothar left a high-level position in another business to return home to Germany to learn his trade the old-fashioned way, and he is now the sausage-meister at Fauquier’s Finest butchering facility, where he makes the sausages that many of our meat vendors sell. On his own time he makes traditional European sausages and cured and marinated meats–and according to my German husband, they are all really authentic and really tasty!

Robert Medina is now at Oakton and Gainesville with herbs, early produce and bedding plants for your own gardens–flowers and veggies. Our very own resident plant expert, Joe Belsan, will also come soon to advise on planting in a tilled garden and in pots and smaller, landscaped areas of your yard. If you can adjust your thinking about what a vegetable garden looks like, he can help you visualize an entirely different animal–or plant as the case may be.