Just thinking.

Hello fans: I saw the following story on the news the other night and realized that one of my own goals for our markets would be much easier to accomplish if there were more businesses out there like Safeway who are actually committed to lowering their own and their employees’ health care costs by facilitating preventive health practices through work-place incentives.

We provide such businesses, both small and large a perfect venue for promoting a healthier life-style and in conjunction them we could also increase our educational programming as well. For people who are so accustomed to dining out it can be a real revelation to learn how quickly, simply and cheaply they can prepare their own meals at home – while getting healthier and saving money on health care. And we could help them learn this right at the market.

We could be working with businesses to improve the health of their employees and to help them save money too by lowering their insurance costs across the board – or just for employees who sign up for the incentive program.

I would love some feedback on this subject. I am open to ideas for specific programming and also to partnership arrangements which could further shared goals. We would also be happy to organize and/or host a forum to encourage more discussion and to plan a series of consciousness-raising events for employers and employees.

I will continue to work on this and will let you know where it leads.

See you at the markets! Jean