Why Smart Markets?

Smart Markets, Inc. was formed to respond to a need in Northern Virginia for well-managed, well-publicized and guaranteed producer-only farmers’ markets. Farmers’ markets can and should reward their hard-working farmers and other vendors for their long hours in their fields and kitchens — and on the road — with viable attendance and sales that represent the demand in this area. Our hope and expectation is that we will combine product quality and quantity with customer diversity and delight to achieve that goal.

Farmers’ markets bring together a diverse population around a shared objective: supporting families by buying and serving real food — with real flavor. Many shoppers don’t even know that they are also supporting local farmers, preserving small farms, promoting sustainable agriculture and contributing in numerous ways to the protection of our environment. Smart Markets will provide a model of cultural outreach, offer nutrition and cooking education, and encourage activism on issues of environmental protection and community development within the nurturing spirit of vibrant and bustling markets.


  • Educate the public about the short-term joys and long-term benefits of eating healthy from an early age, of the nutritional advantages of buying local and of the importance of sustainable agriculture to our environment;
  • Provide a forum for teaching adults and children how to shop at a market and how to use the produce and products in preparing healthy and delicious meals;
  • Provide a venue for multiethnic cultural exchange and the promotion of a shared interest in raising healthy children;
  • Serve as a lively and interactive catalyst for community-building activities; and
  • Encourage and support thriving neighborhoods.

We welcome you to become more than just buyers — we want you to join us in celebration of the good life, good times, good feelings and good food. We invite you to grow and prosper with us — and to have fun doing it!