Our Weather Policy

Storm cloudsHigh winds, inclement weather or extreme temperatures may prompt the cancellation of a market. Vendors and shoppers should not have to brave dangerous conditions to get to and from a market. We also consider whether weather conditions would limit our vendors’ opportunity to realize a profit after driving a long distance and paying for staff and truck rental. We will give notice of cancellations on our website as soon as possible. If shoppers have placed special orders, vendors will be in contact to make arrangements for delivery. And during winter, if we have scheduled an indoor event, we will only cancel that market if roads are unsafe.

We have given careful consideration and undertaken nationwide research to develop this policy, and we want you to understand that we considered the general safety and well-being of our shoppers and our vendors when doing so. While we may not be legally responsible for the safe passage of both, we do feel a deep moral obligation not to put anyone in harm’s way. In the case of our vendors, that harm can come from not only driving thorough dangerous conditions but setting up to sell in a market where no one in his right mind would come to shop.

Photo by jon_a_ross